Look for Low Approaching Coyotes

On Cape Cod there is not a lot of high ground, except for in the sand dunes and a few other spots. Most of the Cape is low ground like old bogs, tidal creeks, marshes, swamps and ponds with some small rises in between.

Many of these areas will have lower areas of thicker cover which coyotes will use as travel corridors. When answering the call, the coyotes will use these low (or lower) paths for their approach. The following article from Predator Xtreme gets in to how coyotes will use these areas and how to setup so you won’t get “busted” by them.

Coyotes love to approach a stand using the cover of terrain, especially draws, ravines and coulees, oftentimes concealing themselves in the depths. When you take stand, be sure to note all low-lying terrain and keep an eye on any mouths or openings where the piercing yellow eyes of a coyote might appear.

When coyotes want to cover ground quickly and stay hidden, they use the low spots as travel corridors…. — Look Low for Incoming Coyotes

When calling coyotes, keep an eye on the low areas on the downwind side of the caller.

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