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Predator Down

Predator Down

I’ve been listening to the Predator Down podcast for the last couple months on my iPhone. The host Lync Jones, does a great job and has some really good guests on the show.

The podcast format is real low key and includes a lot of question and answer sessions, with the exception of the last episode (#6) where Lync had a hard time getting any words in with Foxpro’s Al Morris as the guest.

Al Morris mostly talked about coyote calling contests, specifically the World Coyote Calling Championships. The episode was interesting and Lync did manage to get a few tips out of Al.

I found the talk about the World Championships very interesting, especially the amount of scouting time these guys do and how many miles they cover scouting and actually calling during the contest.

If you want to enter this contest you better have a load of gas money put aside…

I actually got a shout out from Lync in the last episode for the review I left about the Predator Down podcast on iTunes, which was really cool.

Episodes so far:
PD006 : Coyote Calling with Big Al Morris
PD005 : Predator Hunting Tips
PD004 : How to Coyote Hunt with Geoff Nemnich
PD003 : Coyote Hunting with Ron Talbot
PD002 : Through Amber Eyes with Tom Austin
PD001 : Predator Hunting with Predator Down

Find the Predator Down podcast on the website and in the iTunes Store.

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