Black Bear

West Barnstable Bear Camera Phone Pic

Black Bear in West Barnstable, MA (Trail Camera Pic)

Yes, that’s right there was at least one black bear on Cape Cod. On Memorial Day Weekend in May of 2012, a black bear was confirmed on Cape Cod. The bear reportedly swam across the Cape Cod Canal and made its way all the way to the tip of the Cape at Provincetown. On the way it was seen by many people and there were several pictures taken of the black bear. The bear was captured and taken back over the bridge on its return trip from Provincetown.


Calling Black Bears on Cape Cod

Black bears are known to respond to animal distress sounds, especially whitetail fawn distress sounds. Since there was only one known black bear on Cape Cod since colonial times, I wouldn’t expect to call in a black bear on Cape Cod. But then again, you never know… It would be quite a surprise to call in a bear!

Black Bear Tracks & Identification

Black Bear Tracks

Black Bear Tracks