Coyotes Attacking and Killing Dogs in Wareham

coyote-warehamThese Cape Cod coyotes are not afraid to take on larger dogs, reportedly taking on two labs and killing a boxer in the last few days. Hunting in packs and attacking rival canines in their territory, these coyotes are acting a lot like wolves.

WAREHAM (CBS) — Pet owners in Wareham have been told to keep a closer eye on their animals in the wake of what appears to have been a pair of attacks by a pack of coyotes.

Animal control officials in town got word last week of a boxer being attacked and killed by a group of three coyotes. Then, Monday morning, two Labradors were also attacked by a trio of coyotes, but the dogs were able to get away.

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Another piece covering the coyote attacks on dogs in Wareham:

WAREHAM (Wicked Local)— Calls complaining of aggressive coyote behavior, particularly in the Swifts Beach area, have been increasing of late and include reports of a pack of three attacking and killing a boxer in the evening last week and attempting to attack two full-grown Labs this morning (Monday).

Animal Control Officer Cheryl A. Gorveatt-Dill said calls on aggressive coyote behavior, including a lack of fear of people, had been on the rise. She said there had also been calls on cats missing from the area…

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Lately Cape Cod coyotes have become fearless of humans, and that’s a big problem…


Coyotes Attacking and Killing Dogs in Wareham — 3 Comments

  1. In Dennis Port recently, a family posted a sign for their missing cat, I saw her and a day later I heard howling in my front yard of a pack of Coyotes. Do they plan their attacks as a group, they howl when they have their prey? how do they know when and how to find small animals. Sad that I had to call the family to let them know. Cats and small animals should not be left out. I tried to find the habits of Coyotes and found very little on the Web of Cape Cod Coyotes.

  2. Coyote scat around . Beloved cat taken two nights ago. He bolted about 10:30 p.m. and I knew he would be killed if I couldn’t get him in. He was 10 and also a hunter. We found a chewed mouse in our front yard near the front porch.Our daughter’s elderly collie disappeared 2 years ago. He never left their yard. He was 11. A friend on South Orleans had 3 Shelties on leashes and the oldest was grabbed. Owner fought and saved dog who had serious injuries. I haven’t seen a rabbit in years and hike every day!

    • I live in West Wareham and I’m starting to find what I believe is Coyote scat around my property. Some of it was in the middle of my driveway, which is a trait of coyotes. Other scat found along the edge of the woods next to my house.