Are Urban Coyotes Setting the Stage for Larger Predators?


Urban Coyote

Here is an interesting article about urban coyotes living in large cities like Chicago and Denver and how they could be setting the stage for larger predators like mountain lions, wolves and bears.

It is very interesting about how coyotes in urban or city areas like Chicago can live in a small patch of cover. Apparently less than 1/3 of a square mile:

About 5 miles (8 kilometers) from Chicago O’Hare International Airport is the smallest coyote territory ever found, which takes up all of a third of a square mile (0.8 square km).

Also notable is that urban coyotes tend to be monogamous and the coyote pup “city” survival rate is 5x higher than that of rural coyote pups.

…the urban coyote pup survival rate is five times higher than the rate for rural pups.

The problem in urban and suburban areas is that coyotes and other predators have no reason to fear humans. Unlike rural areas, where large predators like coyotes, mountain lions and bears are trapped, shot at or chased off with dogs, populated areas are easy places for large predators to thrive with no fear and no intimidation. It’s easy living.

First coyotes, then mountain lions, wolves and bears. They’re all coming soon to a neighborhood near you.



If you live in an urban or suburban area, you’d better get used to having large carnivorous predators as neighbors. If you don’t yet, you will…

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