Here Come the Bobcats…

MA Wildlife confirmed that bobcats are on Cape Cod last year and apparently the felines are making quite a comeback.

Residents in North Chelmsford report that a pack of four bobcats has been terrorizing a neighborhood and attacking family pets.

CHELMSFORD, Mass. (WHDH) – Chelmsford residents have spotted bobcats roaming the area, and after an attack on a neighborhood dog, some people want the bobcats relocated.

State guidelines may hamper any effort to relocate the animals.

Because bobcats are not a danger to human beings, it is possible there is not much local police, animal control, or the state division of fisheries and wildlife can do to combat the issue.

The Millers, who live in North Chelmsford, were upset when a bobcat attacked their pet dog. They said their vet bills were approaching $2,000.

via Bobcats spotted in Chelmsford, residents want them moved

The State’s hands are tied as far as moving the bobcats.

One because effective means of trapping were made illegal by the State of Massachusetts trapping ban, which bans leghold traps and snares.

And two because there is no place to relocate them in MA that is far from homes.

So, you better get used to seeing these feline predators in your neighborhood…

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