Large Grey Coyote or Coywolf Sighting

I received the following from a reader regarding “a large grey coyote” spotted in a Mashpee neighborhood:

Two of my neighbors have reported seeing a very large, grey coyote or wolf on my front lawn. One sighting last night at 6:30PM and one this morning around 6:00 AM. They both said the animal was very calm, stared them down but neither ran nor came at them – just sat in the middle of my berm looking at them. I have seen coyotes around here before as our neighborhood is between two marshy, undeveloped areas which may be hunting areas for them. This animal apparently is quite different since both neighbors were quite startled by it. I am in Mashpee, near Monomoscoy Island. Was wondering if you have heard of any other sightings around here.

Mashpee, MA 02649

I have not heard of any “grey” coyote sightings in that area. However, some Cape Cod coyotes have darker fur and appear to be grey at night. There was also a report last Spring of a “mutated” coyote in the Sandwich area.

See also the comment left by Joe back in 2012 in reference to another post, where he said he saw a grey wolf-like coyote in Wellfleet.

People are seeing are larger and bolder coyotes which are coyote/wolf hybrids known as Coywolves on Cape Cod.


The following trail cam photo was taken on 1/5/2015 in South Dennis, MA.


Cape Cod CoyWolf. Non-typical, dark gray fur, squared dog/wolf-like muzzle, large nose.



Large Grey Coyote or Coywolf Sighting — 15 Comments

  1. I saw what looked like a wolf this morning at 6:20 a.m in Bourne near the Bourne Library. This caused me to search online to see if there are wolves in the area. This is when I came upon this entry on your website. I had just finished telling my co-worker that the animal was too big to be a coyote and did not seemed frightened at all. He trotted out in front of my head lights and crossed the street in no big hurry. I stopped my car to get a better look at him and he “stared me down” just like described here!! Then he just walked away into the dark and I could no longer see him. Just thought I share since the sighting seems so similar.

  2. We saw 2 large coy wolves run across Old County Rd in Wellfleet last night between Paine’s Campground and Fred Bell Way.

  3. Last Frday I was driving through Brewster center at about 1:00 pm. Opposite me, walking along the street I spot a goldish doglike animal, little smaller than Shepard, with long legs, bushy tail. I slowed to a stop as did the driver on opposite side to let the animal cross in front of my car. It ran into a yard. As it crossed in front, I thought that isn’t a dog, it’s a cayote, wild looking female. Any info on a gold-ish color cayote?

  4. At about 5:30 on 6/27/15 I watched a large brownish creature with a very busy tail attack my bird feeder in South Wellfleet It was about 4ft tall when standing on two legs. From the descriptions I’ve read, I believe it was a coy/wolf.

  5. We just saw a coyote big as a German Shepard much bigger then up in upstate ny on old north road Brewster mass

  6. Yesterday at 6:30 I let my Tibetian Terrier out in our fenced in back yard in South Dennis. I heard her stratch to come in. When I went to the door there was another dog standing behind her stairing at me. We have multiple dogs and had only brought one down for the weekend so at first it wasnt so unusual to see another dog out there. Then I realized it was not one of our dogs and my dogs turned around and saw it and started to run towards it growling.
    the dog did not do anyhthing… I called my dog in and miraculously she came in… totally unlike her when she sees another dog. After I got her in I realized it was a coyote. It must have jumped the fence. I feel so grateful that I went out when I did … dont know what would have happened if I hadn’t. It looked about 45-60 lbs. I looked coyote up on my phone and it was a dead ringer…

  7. We were on the Monomoy Tours via catamaran. We approached the Monomoy Preserved land by boat and many of us saw what looked like a light colored coyote run along the dune, then into the brush. Guide said it was a fox. We are agreed, that was no fox!!

  8. On May 9, 2017 I stood outside my front door on North Shore Blvd East Sandwich around 10 PM. The door is around 10 Ft ft from the street. A very large coyote trotted down the street, he had very long legs with shaggy grey fur and a long nose. He looked over at me, turned in by my car, immediately came back and proceeded to trot on down the street. I was stunned, as I have never been that close to such a large, wild animal.

  9. Wellfleet MA, 6:45 am 8/1/17 I just saw a large coyote behind our small coy pond it appeared to be sniffing in the low bushes. It was light grey about the size of a German Shepard. It circled the pond and trotted between the house and trees and disappeared into the wood toward the north

  10. I saw what may have been a coywolf this morning while riding my bike on the CCRT. It was on the section which runs from Nauset Rd to Marconi Beach road. About halfway through that stretch, about .1 mile ahead, I saw the animal crossing from left to right. My first thought was that it was a German Shepherd, but it moved more like a coyote. I’m guessing it is 60-80 lbs.

  11. I was driving on I 90 last night around 630pm and a very large wolf ran out in front of my car. I was shocked to see him and he was very large with light brown fur that was long and matted. He looked right at me when I slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting him. The tail was long & fuzzy, he was not grey he was definitely light brown/beige in color. I still can’t believe something that large is running around in the woods. I live in Delaware County Pennsylvania and have never seen anything like it.

  12. Tons of coyotes here in Falmouth now and in the past few years. Have seen them multiple times also leisurely walking down the middle of Gifford st. at night. They’re unafraid of anything. Have noticed different color fur, one had much darker fur and it was bigger. Just saw what I think had to be two large wolves in the woods here last week 12/2020. And yesterday about 4:30pm saw very fresh tracks at the beach the size of my forefoot with my shoe on! I have pics of the tracks.

  13. I was walking one of the golf trails at Ocean Edge, in Brewster, this afternoon, and as I admired the nearby pond, I saw a large, wolf-like creature, walking parallel to the pond. He stopped and stared at me, and rather than stare him down, I decided to keep walking. As soon as I did, he did, too. He was beautiful, about 70 lbs, with a grey coat, and white face. He looked well fed, and strong!!!