Knowing Your Light Can Help You Judge Distance at Night

IMG_0123Here is a good point about calling at night, especially if you are hunting. Knowing your light’s illumination range can help you judge distance at night. The author outlines a little exercise to give you practice in visualizing how much area your light source illuminates at different distances, which will help you better estimate range.

Your light source determines how much of the area in front of you is illuminated at a certain distance. This is a critical component to the equation, one which you need to understand.

Try the following exercise to help you learn to judge distance simply by the size of your light beam.

During the day, in an open field, place markers at 20, 30 and 40 yards from a base location… …Feel free to adjust the distances so they are related to your hunting situation.

When all markers are in place, return at night to your base location. Shine your light toward each marker and take note at how they appear in the light beam. How bright was it? How much area around it was lit up?

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