Calling at Night? Jump Start Your Natural Night Vision

Want to see better at night?

Night Eyes

Here’s a good tip for predator callers that work the night shift.

Before you head to your stand, get all you gear out, lock your vehicle and get ready. Then close your eyes and count to 10 before heading to your stand. This will give your night vision a big jump start.

Dark Adaptation

The process by which the eyes increase their sensitivity to low levels of light is known as dark adaptation. Individuals adapt to darkness at varying degrees and rates.

During the first 30 minutes in a dark environment, the eye sensitivity increases roughly 10,000 times. It takes the average person’s eyes nearly 45 minutes to fully adapt to darkness.

10,000 times in 30 minutes? That means your eye’s sensitivity to darkness increases 333.33 times per minute. So that 10 seconds when you closed your eyes after getting out of your vehicle just enabled your eyes to see 55.55 times better than if you didn’t close them.

Once your eyes have adapted to the darkness, subsequent exposure to bright light from matches, flashlights and vehicle headlights will mean it will take another 30 to 45 minutes for your eyes to re-adapt again.

Kind of obvious to avoid looking at lights once your eyes have adapted, but interesting that it sets your night vision back all the way. Just like starting over again.

In addition to being vulnerable while your eyes adjust, the inability to see well in darkness leads to doubt and increases apprehension. Darkness always brings out an individual’s weakness, especially in lethal situations.

Units that can operate effectively during hours of darkness or periods of reduced visibility often gain significant advantage over their opponent.

When your opponent is a highly adapted predator like a coyote, you need every advantage you can get. Especially when artificial lights are not allowed for night hunting coyotes and fox (like here in Massachusetts).

Gain the advantage in darkness anyway you can to keep your night game tight. Apart from night hunting, this advice could save you from a dangerous situation in everyday life.

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