Springtime Gear Cleaning & Storage For Predator Hunters

Good advice here. Years ago, I left all the batteries in my old Dennis Kirk caller and they were all corroded the next hunting season. What a mess. In addition to your electronic callers, make sure you take the batteries out of all your hunting lights and any other battery powered equipment like decoys, etc…

Like he says in the video below, it is also a good idea to clean and stow all your camouflage clothing, packs and other gear in bags where they will stay clean and scent free during the off-season.

If you’re not out during the warm-weather months sniping predators to help out the local wildlife and farmers, then you’re season is about over until next fall. Now is the time to pull all your gear out to clean, inspect, and store it until next hunting season. Predator Xtreme contributor Mark Kayser will show you some tips to get the most out of your spring cleaning.


via Spring Cleaning For Predator Hunters.

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