Spring & Summer Calling: Get Out in the Open

Responding animals are easier to spot after the leaves have fallen

Its the time of year to get out of the woods. Why you ask? Well, its pretty simple. Once the trees and bushes start to green up, it’s very hard to see approaching animals in the woods. Even calling birds and raptors while the trees are leaved up is a tough call. You might have animals come in really close, but not see them.

The best time to call animals and expect to see them when they come to the call is when the trees and bushes are bare. Late spring and summer calling needs to be done in open areas, like fields, marshes, golf courses, clearings, dirt roads, etc… Somewhere where your field of view won’t be blocked by leafy bushes and trees.

Even night calling is hampered by all the leaves on the bushes and trees. The penetration of your scanning light will be impaired by all the leaves. The same place where your light would penetrate 50 or more yards through bare bushes into the woods in late fall and winter is now all “greened up”, which might not let you to see eyes shining beyond 20 feet.

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