LED Predator Calling and Hunting Lights

Old School Scanning Lights

Old School Scanning Lights

The old style predator hunting lights were quite cumbersome with external battery packs and wires connecting to the light. These old school scanning lights and shooting lights all required heavy 6-volt rechargeable battery packs that needed to be carried along on night hunting trips.

They also required red or amber colored lens filters to change the color of the light from white to a more stealthy red or amber color which is preferred by most predator hunters.

Old School Shooting Light

Old School Shooting or Scope Light

While the old lights did the job and were carried by coon hunters, coyote hunters and fox hunters for years, the new LED hunting lights are much more efficient and not cumbersome at all. The ones I use now are basically LED flashlights and headlamps.

The new LED predator hunting lights are powered by special rechargeable batteries or by regular AA or AAA batteries. Not only are these LED lights much easier to carry, but they are also available with colored LEDs, eliminating the need to use colored lens filters which also diminished the output of the old style lights.

LED Predator Hunting Lights

LED Predator Hunting & Calling Lights

The LED lights shown in the pic above are the Noxx Xplorer Headlamp (left), Rechargeable 18650 Series Battery and Charger (top middle) and right side from top to bottom are Red LED Ultrafire WF-501B (buy), Green LED Ultrafire WF-501B (buy), Red LED Brinyte BR01 (buy), Green LED Brinyte BR01 (buy) and the Noxx Red Dagger.

LED Predator Hunting Lights Prices

The Noxx Xplorer Headlamp and the Noxx Red Dagger LED lights above run about $50 each. The Ultrafire 501Bs are about $10 each and the Brinyte BR01s are about $27.

There are a number of “coyote hunting lights” on the market which are way more expensive than the ones shown above. Some of these coyote hunting light setups are hundreds of dollars. Unless you are out West, or somewhere like Texas, where you would be scanning miles wide open areas or shooting 300 plus yards at night, you probably don’t need a light that costs hundreds of dollars.

Here in the crowded East, at least where I am, there aren’t many wide open expanses where you would be able to (or want to) take nighttime shots over 100 yards, so the more affordable lights above are just fine for what I need them to do. You can only use lights for raccoon hunting at night here in Massachusetts. Most shots when calling raccoons are pretty darn close and for that you really don’t need a light that shines eyes over 100-200 yards anyway.

LED Predator Hunting Lights Reviews

Reviews of all the LED predator hunting lights listed above:

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