Predator Hunting Lights: Ultrafire WF-501B LED Review

The Ultrafire WF-501B LED flashlight is a good little predator calling light. For around $10, this LED light is hard to beat. It throws enough beam to light up eyes at 100 yards and is a perfect light for in-close calling coyotes, fox, raccoon or other night time predators like owls. The 501B is powered by one 18650 series rechargeable battery or two CR123A batteries and has a sturdy aluminum housing.

Ultrafire 501B Red or Green LED Flashlight

Ultrafire 501B Red or Green LED Flashlight

The Ultrafire 501B is a single mode LED flashlight and throws a good beam of light. The switch is a clicky type located on the tailcap, which is a little loud, but this can be swapped out with a pressure switch tailcap for $3.99. The pressure switch is designed to be used for mounting the 501B to a scope or gun mount and also enables the light to be turned on and off silently.

Ultrafire 501B Pressure Switch

Ultrafire 501B Tailcap Pressure Switch


Brand:    Ultrafire
Model:    WF-501B
Emitter Brand/Type:    Philips Lumiled
Emitter BIN:    Luxeon K2
Emitter Color:    Green (520nm ~ 530nm) or Red (620nm ~ 630nm)
Total Emitters:    1
Battery Configurations:    1 x 18650 or 2 x 3.0V/3.6V CR123A batteries
Voltage Input:    3.0V~18.0V
Switch Type:    Clicky (Clickie)
Switch Location:    Tailcap (Tail-cap)
Modes:    1
Typical Battery Runtime:    ~1 hour (manufacturer rated)
Circuitry:    800mA Current Output, Digitally Regulated Driver Circuitry
Lens:    Coated Glass Lens
Reflector:    Aluminum Textured/OP Reflector

Buy Ultrafire 501B LED Hunting Lights

Deal Extreme

Deal Extreme

Ultrafire 501Bs are available in either red or green LED from DealExtreme for around $10 with free shipping.

Ultrafire WF-501B Philips Luxeon K2 Red LED Flashlight
Ultrafire WF-501B Philips Luxeon K2 Green LED Flashlight

Gun Mount Tailcap Pressure Switch

For $10 you can’t go wrong with the Ultrafire 501B. Its a good little predator hunting light for the money.

Bonus Tip

If you are using the Ultrafire WF-501B as a shooting light or gun mounted light, you’ll want to “shroud” the outer halo of the beam. especially if you are mounting it on a rifle scope. This will keep the beam focused on the target and will not let the outer edges of the beam’s halo cast light on to the gun barrel which may give you away and spook your target.

A standard size Rx prescription bottle fits nice and snug over the lens. Just cut the bottom of the bottle out with a razor knife and either paint the bottle with black plastic adhering spray paint, or like I did below, just wrap the outside of the bottle with black electrical tape.

Ultrafire 501B Lens Shroud form Rx Bottle

Ultrafire WF-501B Halo Shroud made from Rx Bottle


Predator Hunting Lights: Ultrafire WF-501B LED Review — 3 Comments

  1. Can I buy replacement bulbs for my wf-501b? I have a green but want to replace with red.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and tips. The lights are very affordable so I ordered a couple. Will try them out in a local coyote hunt soon.

  3. I purchased this flashlight about 7 months ago and mounted it on my 22 cal rifle,with pressure switch. I really only have the gun for home protection so the light was barely used. I go down to a nearby Creek often to swim and camp so I decided to take the light off my gun and use as a reg flashlight. The minute I put it in the water it quit. Was very disappointed. All the seals look good so I’m not sure what happened. It has a great beam and feels like a solid light but for it to quit on me with the little use i used it was disappointing.