Track Identification for a Reader (Running Deer)

I received this inquiry via the contact form from a reader that found a strange looking track in Yarmouth while out walking around a cranberry bog:

I have a pic of a track I saw today in Yarmouth I’d like to send you..I walk a lot around bogs & in the woods. Never seen  anything quite like it..Thanks.


it was about 4″ across…a very big deer..???..the space between hooves looks odd to me..

It is hard to tell the scale or actual size of the track without a reference, but looks like the track of a running deer to me. Wide spacing between the dew claws (the back “toes”), but this could be due to the “foot” spreading out in the sand or was made in wet ground. From the pic, I can also tell that this is an old track.

If you come across any odd tracks or other wildlife sign in the woods that you aren’t sure of, send me a note via the contact form and I’ll do my best to identify them.

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