Calling Screech Owls on Cape Cod

Here’s a pic of a Screech Owl I called in right behind my house.


Cape Cod Screech Owl

This Cape Cod Screech Owl responded to the Johnny Stewart Songbird/Screech Owl Call (CT130). A sound that I digitized for use in my Western Rivers Nite Stalker electronic caller. Screech owls are (in my experience), the easiest owls on Cape Cod to call. Often you will get more than one Screech owl to respond when calling them.

This pic was taken using a Canon VIXIA video camera that also takes still pics. The Canon VIXIA video camera is also very good in low light situations, so it takes great pics and video using only red calling lights. For lighting I used a Brinyte BR01 Red LED light mounted to the video camera, along with a Red LED NightEyes Scanning Headlight.

The red lights allowed me to closely approach the owl in the pine tree without spooking it, to get some close up still shots. This is a good example of how when calling at night, your light acts as your camouflage. As long as the light is pointed at the animal, you are camouflaged.

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